How-To Get Fun Yet Sophisticated Nails for Fall



Last week I found myself standing at the Estee Lauder counter at our local Macy’s. As I waited my turn I was drawn to the new nail colors they had displayed on the sales counter. I particularly loved the deep purple color but I couldn’t imagine myself wearing such a deep rich, non-traditional color over my whole nails. Well imagine my surprise when Estee Lauder sent me an email yesterday with this great technique that uses those very same colors! I still don’t know that I would ever wear green, to me it makes me think moldy, but I can imagine using the pretty neutral gold with the deep purple I love! They even supplied the video below!

How-To Laugh at Ourselves as We Grow Older


A good friend sent this to me this morning in my email… and it was just so funny, poignant and  disturbing at the same time I just had to share! Thanks Linda! I am not sure HOW long I would like to stick around now…  but I hope we are friends for years to come!

Enter to Win an iPad in the iPad-a-Day Giveaway!

Who doesn’t want an iPad? Wouldn’t it be great to send your student back to college with one too? Now through August 9th (that means they have 3 more iPads to give away as of this writing) you can enter to WIN an iPad with nothing more than your email address! Of course you’re going to want to give them your home address when you win…

How to Make a Yummy Broccoli Salad

vegetables salads I am asked for this broccoli salad recipe all the time, especially during the summer, so I am amazed that I haven’t shared it with you before. So we’ll take care of that right now so that our GREAT friends, the Scisciani’s can add this to the dishes they can take and enjoy as they head out to the Outer Banks for a family vacation!

How to Tell How Much Propane is Left in Your Grill’s Tank

how to

Photo courtesy of Chow

There is absolutely nothing worse than having all your hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks or chicken on your barbecue grill and running out of gas! So how can you tell how much propane is left in that big white tank? Since it’s opaque you cannot tell by just looking but Chow has a great video that shows us a simple way to know ahead of time whether or not you need to have your tank refilled.