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Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownies


My daughter Allison sent over some chocolate chip Oreo brownies that she made last weekend. To quote her she said they “were crazy easy to make, and it tastes crazy good!”  They had them with and without vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and just plain naked. I didn’t have any ice cream in the house so I warmed mine up in the microwave and sprayed canned whipped cream over the top… she is right, they ARE crazy good! You won’t believe how EASY they are to make!

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Banana Ice Cream Boats


If you’re like us you like to grill out anytime you get the chance, heck with the weather! I just stumbled across this insanely easy yet delicious recipe for what they call banana boats that I know the kids as well as the adults are going to love, and I just had to share!

Just imagine the ooey-gooey goodness when you open up that foil and spoon all your hand-selected melted ingredients onto some rich vanilla ice cream!

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